What is needed to play?
The 2 most basic things you need are a Disc and a Target.

A disc is what we commonly know as a frisbee which is why in some countries the sport is also known as Frisbee Golf. There are 3 basic types of discs for different distances:
– Drivers (80+ meters)
– Midranges (40-80 meters)
– Putters (0-40 meters)

Driver: The sharper edge makes a driver built for speed.

Midrange: Less distance than a driver, but more control.

Putter: For slow and highly controlled flights to the basket.

Every disc also has one of the following 3 flight characteristics:
– Overstable (flies left)
– Stable (flies straight)
– Understable (flies right)

(when thrown backhand as a right-handed player)

If you’re trying Disc Golf for the first time one disc is all you need. Beginners should start with an understable disc as it takes practice to make an overstable disc fly well. It’s also better to start with putters as drivers can cover up flaws in your technique and thus, teach you bad habits and a wrong technique.

The target is where you finish. The official and commonly used target is a basket, but at places/courses where there are no baskets you can also use trees as your target.

To finish on a basket, the disc must come to rest inside. To achieve this you have to throw the disc against the chains, so that it drops into the basket.

To finish on a tree, the Disc must touch the tree between the markers.

What are the rules?
The rules are very similar to traditional ball golf.
Instead of hitting a ball with a club, you throw a frisbee with your hand.
Instead of finishing with a ball in a hole, you finish by throwing your disc in a basket or hitting a tree.

Step 1: Tee Off
Each hole has a starting location, this is called the Tee-Pad. It can be made of concrete, rubber or just dirt and grass.

Step 2: Next Shot
When the disc lands, that’s where you must throw from next. Place your foot just behind the disc and use another disc to throw OR place a mini disc (“mini”) in front of your disc to mark the lie.

Step 3: Finish The Hole
When the disc is resting in the basket or hit the tree between the markers, the hole is complete.
The number of throws you need to finish the hole is your score. Lowest score wins!

Why Is Disc Golf So Awesome?
Before talking about the sport benefits of Disc Golf, you can get a better idea of why we love this sport so much in this video!

Benefits of playing Disc Golf:
– Great way to get exercise!
– Great way to get outside and enjoy the many public parks in Taiwan!
– Meet new friends!
– Enjoy a little competition!
– Taiwan has a club (TDGA) that does tournaments once per month!
– Different groups separated by age, gender, and skill level!

Advanced Knowledge

Throwing Techniques, Disc Stability & Things Affecting Stability

Putting Techniques: Spin Putt & Push Putt

How To Throw Backhand

How To Throw Forehand

Have Fun!