We are a couple normal guys that love both the sport of disc golf and the beautiful country of Taiwan! Our goal is to help grow the sport in Taiwan, and in Asia as a whole. We hope that offering a local distribution point can help get more discs flying through the skies. We also hope to build more courses, and run more events in the future!

Thanks for visiting our site, and we hope to see you out on the course soon!



I was lucky enough to have a course right on my college campus, and have been playing disc golf since 2001. I started out with a disc in one hand and a case of beer in the other, lol. I started to get more serious around 2010, and disc golf became one of may favorite ways to get outside, see friends, and get some exercise. I moved to Taiwan in 2019, and was happy to find a dedicated group of disc golfers here. Now I want to be a part of helping the sport grow, and spread the joy I feel when I get out and play.


Getting into the sport just in early 2019, I ever since got addicted to disc golf and am now trying to bring something new to the disc golf scene in Taiwan. For me the greatest thing about this sport are the challenges that have you constantly work on your game and the joy you feel when being rewarded for your efforts. Apart from disc golf, I also have a Taiwanese wife and a 2 year old daughter, and currently work for a Taiwanese tour operator that organizes customized tours for foreigners in Taiwan.